The End

So after 34 days I got home and have the Camino behind me.

  • Irun – Santiago – Fisterra – Muxia
  • 32 days
  • 1004 km
  • talked with people from 23 countries

Many sunrises and sunsets, sunshine, rain, fog, wind, smoke, coast, hills, fields, cities, little villages, lots of slugs, cows, donkeys and other animals, lovely people, some shallow but many deep and mind opening conversations.

I guess I’ll need some time to make a proper summary of what happened and what I got from the Camino.

Until then, here are some more stats:

  • 30.86 km per day average
  • 55.57 km on the longest day
  • 4.86 km/h average speed including breaks
  • carried 9-10 kg – depending on food and water
  • lost 2 kg – but also converted some fat to muscle 🙂