Day 31 – The one with the end of the world

We started the day with a breakfast with Merek and left Olveiroa at 8.

Unfortunately the municipal albergue where I stayed was not the best and half my stuff was still wet. So I kinda looked like a Christmas tree with everything hanging on my backpack.

The sky was still lit with stars that besides being beautiful meant that there were no clouds.

In one hour we passed 6k reaching the forking point for the routes to Finisterra or Muxia. We parted with Merek as he went to Muxia first.

On the way I saw the sun rising and wind turbines from quite close and some endless forests.

It took me almost 4 hours with a break halfway through to get to Cee, 20k from the start. I ate finally a pulpo empenada where pulpo means squid 🙂 It was absolutely delicious.

From there it was still more than 2 hours to get to Finisterra: altogether 33k in 6:40. However this was just the hostel.

I have to say that I felt some pain here and there because of last day’s craziness of going 55k but slowing down for a bit always solved the problem.

When arriving in Finisterra I started thinking that maybe I should have went with the municipal albergue however the previous day’s experience was voting against this. More importantly when I arrived to the place they were playing the soundtrack that I’ve been listening to recently a lot as well. Nice place 🙂

I also saw a sign for a Hungarian albergue. Apparently we are everywhere, even at the end of the world 🙂

In the albergue my phone gave me a scare as at 8% battery it did not react to the charger. Fortunately the old trick of turning it off and on again solved the issue.

I went to the municipal albergue to get my Finisterra Compostela then relaxed a bit in the hostel waiting for Lukazs to arrive.

After buying some picnic food we walked out to the lighthouse. A bit hurried as sunset was getting closer.

Found the 0km mark and we watched the sunset with an Italian guy.

When I arrived back to the hostel people were cooking and since they kinda overshoot the amount of pasta – 1.5kg for ~8 people – they invited me to join. Although I already ate before the invitation was so nice that it convinced me. I did the dishes during which I got a spontaneous back massage from a guy who did this for living even for the Circus du Soleil for a while.

The second of the three ends of my Camino turned out to be quite spectacular 🙂