Day 0 – Arriving to Irun

I got to Biarritz by plane and got surprised when going through the airport. It’s sooo small. Runway to outside in 3 minutes including the passport check from where you can already look out to the street.

Also I happily noted that they let me bring a razor in my backpack that also was allowed even though it’s kinda on the size limit for cabin baggage. 10 points to Ryanair.

Although I was planning to catch a train to Irun directly I realised that by going with bus to Hendaye – a city still on the French side – and then walking to Irun should get me there faster and at least I do some little walking today.

Finally got to the accomodation and went for dinner in a small restaurant with a menu. 3 course delicious dinner with a glass of wine for 8 euros. Okay 🙂