Day 10

I’ve slept a bit longer and only left around 8. Went to the beach to check whether I can see the sunrise but the weather was not kind. Rainy, grey morning, clouding the sun.

On the way I had some fig and walnut that made for a delicious second breakfast.

With only a short break in an open building under construction to take shelter from the rain I arrived quite early to the so expected Guemes albergue in just 4 hours. It was a nice short day with only 18k but my legs needed a break anyway.

The place was amazing. Lunch, dinner, breakfast provided, there’s library, fireplace and the whole place looks better than anything else. Lovely people welcoming as well. The only scary this is the 3 level beds but fortunately I got here first so I got a lower one.

This place is not only a pilgrim albergue. It also has other social and humanitarian projects and the legacy of a priest who travelled around the world with a rover to work and help people.

It’s also a meeting point along the Camino I believe as it is recommended in all guidebooks with no alternative close by so lots of people stop here and who met before but were going with slightly different speed see each other here. I’ve met with the Slovenian guy who I had dinner with on day 0, the French and Austrian people I travelled with until two days ago and also a lot more.

However I have to be honest, for what I expected – and maybe needed – from the Camino, it may have been a bit too busy for me.

Pictures from the Guemes albergue: