Day 18 – The one with the waves

In the morning it turned out that the French woman travelling with a French boy from yesterday had an interesting story. It was a rehabilitation program for the boy and the woman was escorting him leaving all decisions about the way to him.

However this did not come to light too early: for some reason everyone slept in. I woke up around 8 thinking that everyone must have left already or at least having breakfast. On the contrary. I ended being the first for breakfast. And as the people came we had nice conversation. I guess partly because they were going to go on the Primitivo path meaning we have little chance meeting again.

So I left record late, not much before 10.

Maybe because I started late or maybe because for the first time I was listening to music along the way I seemed to have a quite fast pace.

Apart from small talks with fellow pilgrims and some fig picking I didn’t even stop until after 25k.

Altough I got curious and was tempted about the Primitivo, I chose to go to Gijon as it saves one day. Not that I wanted to rush the Camino but I still felt I might be able to go to Fisterra as well but only if I keep my pace.

During the day as an experiment I kept waving drivers who passed by. It was very uplifting to see most of them smiling and waving back.

We talked with Sven and decided to meet in Gijon. So I kept my break short and went on.

Closed the beautifully sunny day after almost 30k in less than 6 hours with a tea with Sven.

As once again I was past the official albergue I found a hostel to stay and went grocery shopping.

The Lithuanian father mentioned a movie about the Camino: The Way. I watched it before going to sleep. One thing I already have to agree on with it: many – if not most – of the people not sure why they started the Camino or realise that the true reason is different from what they thought. In any case, I yet to see it how it turns out for me as well.