Day 24 – The one with the heat

I left around 8 after having to get back my towel and baseball cup from fellow pilgrims thinking they were for take …

I was hoping to see the sunrise but the clouds started right above the buildings. The weather turned nice slowly from the morning gloom and so I got to go without a sweater finally.

The way lead through forests in most parts and although often laid with concrete it was still pleasant to go on.

Late in the morning I caught up with Maria and we went together from then on. Had a break around noon at Vilamartin Grande that I really needed as I left Ribadeo without a breakfast hoping to have it in a bar around 10am but that place was closed. So finally I got to eat and also to rest after 17km.

We met a Holland guy who was walking the Camino to arrive at Santiago now for the 22nd time, this time for the redemption of a friend of his late wife who has very bad cancer. Apart from his motivation, dedication, and belief, his preparedness was also impressive: he had a backpack with the same weight as mine but his including a tent and cooking equipment.

In the afternoon the weather was more than nice, we actually started to struggle with the heat so when we stopped for our last break in Lourenza the ice cream was an obvious choice 🙂 (also the pain aux chocolate that I was craving all morning)

Boosted with sugar we went on to arrive in Mondonedo after almost 38k and close to 10 hours.

Since by now walking in slippers and without a backpack felt like flying we went a bit around the city and did some shopping for dinner and for Sunday.

Dinner was nice, we got some extra from other pilgrims eating close to us and we talked with them a bit.

The albergue had quite strict policies to prevent bedbugs and we did laundry too so the night started hopeful after dinner.

Today I also started to formulate plans for the end of the trip as well. It was now more than hopeful to get to Finisterra … 🙂