Day 5

As promised we started with a breakfast although it was only at 7 – not that I wanted to start much earlier today – and quite modest in amount. But that apple marmalade was delicious.

I left the monastery around 7.45. The morning was a struggle my right knee did not appreciate the downhill that should have been an easy part.

We were warned about rain but the few times it became more than intense humidity caught me under roof or trees. I’ve put the cover on my bag but didn’t even use my raincoat.

The kilometers just didn’t want to pass ..

The ideal would be to go to Eskerika which is around 9k from Gerkina. That’s a total of 26k for today as well.

When I got to Gerkina a little bit after 1pm the first thing I did was to go to a pharmacy. I bought an inflammatory creme and two bandage for my ankles. I also popped into a shop to buy some food for lunch and later.

At 2:30 pm I moved on to try to reach the hostel in Eskerika.

In the afternoon I was not so lucky with the rain but still didn’t needed the raincoat. After the expected distance I was getting a bit worried since the next place is 10+k but by 5pm I’ve finally arrived.
There’s hot shower, wifi, and food. What else could I ask for?