Day 20 – The one with the reunion

Well it’s not nice to get cold anyway but when you are supposed to go 30+ km it feels worse. So in the morning I went to have breakfast but I felt that I have to stay in the albergue. I packed myself afterwards under blankets and the sleeping bag.

What I was not expecting is that around 10 I started to get better and I got a hint from Maria that there’re albergues in few hours time. So I actually got myself together (mostly I had a second breakfast) and around 11 I left the albergue.

I was listening to music again which seemed to give me super powers: in the first 2 hours I did more than 14k without feeling it.

Then I had a very unexpected meeting with Camille whom I last saw 10 days before. So we joined up for some time and breaks up until the last hour when I went ahead.

Finally I arrived quite fast – again with music, above 6kmph. I found a shop and a pharmacy so got some supplies then went to the albergue where Maria was already there but also Jeremy who I also haven’t seen since 10 days.

Unfortunately I had to go back a bit as the stamping was done in a bar but without the bag I literally ran 🙂

We had a nice “reunion” dinner and waiting for the water to heat up for shower …