Day 17

This day started slowly. I woke up around 8 and left only a bit before 9.

The weather and the scenery was nice but my favourite moment of the day was when I was picking figs and the owner noticed me. First I thought that he’s not too happy about it but when I told him that I don’t speak Spanish he asked in English whether I’d like to have something to eat and invited me to eat more figs. Made my day.

With not much break I got to the albergue after Villaviciosa, in Amandi in 25k a little after 2. I’d have went further but the next option would’ve been 12k further and my knee started acting up.

As it turned out the place is on fact the one that the owner of the eco house recommended 2 days ago. I only came here because this one was the last one 🙂

Had the most refreshing shower: the owner forgot to turn on the water boiler 🙂 I guess that’s the price of arriving first.

The people from 2 days ago came here as well, we had a nice lunch together and then played some cards.