Day 14

After breakfast I started around 8. The weather was nice and the sunrise was gorgeous with still fog in the valleys.

Although yesterday I thought that I might even need a day off because of the blisters they were not too bad.

I’ve crossed path with couple of people on the way and shared the cake kinda thing I’ve bought the day before – which I wanted to share in the albergue for breakfast but I forgot…

After around 20k my feet started to hurt.

In Buelna I had my lunch break to give them a rest. However when I wanted to continue t didn’t work. After 25k I had to stop.

In the albergue I’ve met with the now familiar French group as well as a Lithuanian girl and she gave me some special band-aid like thing for the blisters.

The dinner was nothing new: salad, pasta, and some cake for dessert but the amount was unreal. 3 trays of pasta for the 7 of us.