Day 15

Well this day was a roller-coaster with a a happy ending 🙂

The day before we had huge amount of food for dinner and the lady was very grandma style: as soon as one part was finished she changed the plates and brought the next dish. Two trays of salad for the 7 of us was already not too little, but OK. The came the 3 trays of pasta and she insisted on us finishing them all.

Quick breakfast, watching the news and the saddening weather forecast.

I left around 8 and had a plan to walk 30k. The rain started soon and although I went the coastal way it only made the path longer and more difficult but the scenery was mostly missing due to the massive fog.

I’ve passed yesterday’s roommates, had some figs and at some point felt that either the massive dinner the day before or some of the figs weren’t sitting well.

To my surprise I’ve met with Maria again who I thought is far ahead of me. Again it was good timing as in the gloomy weather all cheer and motivation was needed to keep going. We didn’t stop until half past eleven when we reached Llanes.

That point, at around 20k I was considering stopping. Fortunately the break and the weather turning nicer gave me some boost. It turned out that well that not only we went further but we didn’t take another break for more than another 2 hours, at around 30k.

With one more smaller break we were heading to Cuerres. Already checked a place on – as there were no known and open albergue close by – we were amazed by a place just from the look of it from the outside.


We went in to check if they are open, still have place, etc. and our amazement only grew. It was an oco, eco, passive house with the most friendly owner ever and a quality of environment that I’d be happy to take as a home. Much to our surprise this all based on donations!

We had dinner together like a family with the 9 of us guest and Kat, the owner. The 3 course meal provided was fantastic.

After dinner we sat outside to sing some songs – well, mostly listen to an Austrian guy playing the guitar and singing.

Aaaand then I had a massage 🙂

Off to sleep afterwards with barely any time to check my blisters 🙂

All of this after a day of 41+km in 11 and half hours that got me past 400km.