Day 16

As I started the post about the day before, it was a roller coaster. I thought it will at least end on a high note with the perfect albergue. However as it is, nothing is perfect: after going to bed not only did I meet my first bed bugs bit I couldn’t snap them fast enough … I was up until 2 when I decided to go out on the porch with some blankets and try to sleep in a sun chair. Well, it was not too good.

So in the morning I was quite tired and not in the best mood. We all left together around 9 (!) and spread out after a while.

We went together with Maria most of the day taking some breaks along the way. It was a bit of a shame that in the nice weather we didn’t get too far because of tiredness and blisters.

Ended up in La Islas after only about 25k in 7 hours.

Had quite a lot of figs on the way though 🙂